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              The Most Holy Body &                            June 3, 2018

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    A Message from Fr. Fran:  


 SEQ CHAPTER h r 1On April 7-10, 2018, I attended the Convocation with Bishop Bambera and other priests serving in the Diocese of Scranton. The presenter each day was Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB. Fr. Rosica is a priest from Canada who works with the Canadian Conference of Bishops which manages media reporting - print, internet, and distribution. In his ministry he has worked extensively with the Vatican and personally with Pope Francis. The major focus that he spoke of was a major theme in his pontificate that Pope Francis is trying to express - that the Church must bring the message of Jesus to the people who are most in need, the poor, the suffering, the marginalized, etc. Fr. Rosica’s talks were very enlightening.


Last week, I received an email from the Chancery announcing that a movie was being shown at the Cinemark theatre in Moosic. The movie is titled, “Pope Francis - A Man of his Word”. I went to see the movie this week and it was truly a remarkable documentary about the same message that Fr. Rosica talked about. The movie goes about 1 ½ hours.


I would recommend the movie to you. I believe it helps us to understand Pope Francis better and it helps us to see why and where he is focusing a lot of his reflections with the Church. The movie was not made to entertain as much as it was made to educate and inspire. I hope it does this for you. It did for me.


To shift gears, I want to remind you that it is time to sign up for volunteering at the Food Stand during the Solemn Novena. We are going to need a lot of volunteers this year and it really helps to know early who is volunteering and in what areas. The sign-up sheets are available in the literature racks near the exits of the Church. Please sign up ASAP.



A Bequest in your Will    A bequest in your will, no matter what the amount, will help the Parish continue its mission of serving God’s people. Such a decision could be for you a worthy and personally satisfying objective. Everyone should have a will, no matter what your financial circumstances. You need a will to assure you that your possessions will be distributed, as you desire. When making your bequest, please use the full legal name and address: St. Ann Basilica Parish, 1250 St. Ann Street, Scranton, Pa. 18504.


                                     The Hosts and Wine for this weekend’s Masses have been donated in memory of 

Deceased Members of the Davidowski, Szczesny & Bartel Families

By: Ann


                                            Mass Intentions for next weekend  –    June 9/10, 2018

                                                        Saturday: 4:00 PM – Nancy, John & Brian Mahoney (Anne Mahoney)  

                                                                Sunday: 8:30 AM -  Mary Ann Widdick (Jay & Patty Layou)

                                                      11:00 AM – Mary Elizabeth “Bette” Osborne (Mary Anne & Mark Evans)     

                                                                            7:00 PM – Parishioners of St. Ann Basilica Parish     



    ** Vocations to the Passionist Order: If anyone is considering becoming a Passionist Priest or Brother, please log onto vocations@cpprov.org or contact Fr. Lee Havey, C.P. for more information