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1st Sunday/Lent                              February 18, 2018


A Message from Fr. Siby:


Lent is a wonderful season that comes every year, usually in the first quarter, between February and April.  I believe, liturgy aside, that there is a significance in placing this season at the start of the year.  The New Year is entered into with resolutions of various kinds. Lent provides us an opportunity for reflecting on our resolutions, modifying or changing them if needed, but above all to devise a definite plan of action as to how we are going to live out our resolutions.  Below I have listed four qualities that if practiced could help Lent be a season of difference.

The season of lent is firstly, a season of Listening.  In this season, we are called to primarily listen to the voice of God speaking to us in and through the scriptures, through our conscience, prayers and through the people around us.  God is trying to get in touch with us: lent calls us to make a special effort to open ourselves to His word- “Speak Lord, your servant is listening” (1Sam 3:10).

Secondly, lent is a season of Espousal.  The relatively lengthy time of lent allows for practicing and developing good habits and virtues.  The mass readings during lent invite us to critically examine our lives, repent and make amends, and espouse new ways of living.

Thirdly, lent calls us to Newness of Life. It is not enough to purify inside and out, we must embrace something new, something fresh, and something good. Get rid of as many old bad habits you are clinging on to and replace them with new, clean and good habits.

Lastly, lent is a season of Testimony, delivered both by life and with words. All of us, Christians, are called to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. As followers of Christ, we are expected to witness to Him through our words and deeds.

May this season of lent not pass by leaving us unchanged or partially changed: may it transform us completely!



                                                The Hosts and Wine for this weekend’s Masses have been donated in memory of 

Mary Ann Widdick

By: Zachary Kavulich


Born To Eternal Life

                                 May she rest in the peace of the risen Christ                                                            Sophia  Puchalski

                                                                                    and may comfort be granted to her family                                                   


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