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Pentecost                                                                         June 4, 2017


A Message from Fr. Fran:


 SEQ CHAPTER h r 1This weekend we are celebrating the feast of Pentecost. This day we celebrate the blessing of the Holy Spirit who was sent by the Father to nourish, inspire, and direct the faith which Jesus introduced during his time here on earth (before his death, resurrection and ascension.) Pentecost is celebrated at the birthday of the Catholic Church. On Sunday Bishop Bambera will call forth the Holy Spirit to nourish, inspire, and direct the lives of many adults in our diocese who have not received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Let us include in our prayers all those who will be confirmed on Pentecost and all those who were confirmed from Divine Mercy Parish, Prince of Peace Parish in Old Forge, and our Parish here at Saint Ann’s on May 18th.


The Solemn Novena in honor of Saint Ann will be here soon – July 17th.  We are already making preparations. Actually, the Food Stand Committee has been preparing since January. Each year, Saint Ann Basilica Parish serves the novena pilgrims by managing the food stand. This is a major operation that requires the efforts of hundreds of generous and dedicated volunteers. Preparations are going smoothly and many people have already shown an interest in volunteering again this year. However, the operation of the food stand will only go smoothly if we have sufficient volunteers to staff it. Many of the volunteers who have served for years are no longer able to serve so, each year, we need new volunteers.  Please consider offering your time and your talents to this project in support of our parish. We especially need volunteers to work the various shifts (especially the 10:00 am - 2:00 pm shift) waiting on customers, serving food, or cooking at the various stations. Remember this is a great opportunity for our youth to get in their “service hours” required for school or confirmation programs. We also need people to donate baked goods to be sold in the food stand. If you are able to help in these or any other way please sign up. A form to volunteer for the food stand is available in the literature racks at the doors of the church. Please fill out the form and return it in the collection basket or drop it off at the rectory. Please remember that this, too, is one of the major fundraisers for our parish. The parish, like many of you, is struggling financially and the food stand does help us pay our bills and balance our budget. Thanks for your prayers, understanding, willingness, cooperation and support.



A Bequest in your Will    A bequest in your will, no matter what the amount, will help the Parish continue its mission of serving God’s people. Such a decision could be for you a worthy and personally satisfying objective. Everyone should have a will, no matter what your financial circumstances. You need a will to assure you that your possessions will be distributed, as you desire. When making your bequest, please use the full legal name and address: St. Ann Basilica Parish, 1250 St. Ann Street, Scranton, Pa. 18504.


                        The Hosts and Wine for this weekend’s Masses have been donated in memory of 

Walter & Rita Stocki Sr.

By: Son: Walter Jr., Kathy & Family


                                                 Mass Intentions for next weekend  –       June 10/11, 2017

                                                                  Saturday: 4:00 PM – Del Prete Family (Margaret Caterino)

                                                                     Sunday:   8:30 AM – Lisa M. Hardy (Steve Bartnicki)

                                                                           11:00 AM – Helen Novotka (Robert Howells)

                                                                       7:00 PMParishioners of St. Ann Basilica Parish



***  Vocations to the Passionist Order: If anyone is considering becoming a Passionist Priest, please log onto vocations@cpprov.org for more information.