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                6th Sunday of Easter                      May 21, 2017


      A Message from Fr. Fran:

New Parish Council Members

On April 22nd & 23rd members of our Parish Council asked for your recommendations for  people you thought would be good candidates to serve in the places made vacant by those completing their terms. 58 people were recommended. All 58 people were contacted and, if interested in serving on the Parish Council, were invited to a Night of Discernment to discuss the commitment and responsibilities of Parish Council membership. At the end of the Night of Discernment 12 people said they would be willing to serve, if appointed. This list of 12 was given to Fr. Fran to help him in making the appointments.  After interviewing those willing to serve and reviewing the recommendations of the parish, the following have been appointed to the three-year term of 2017 - 2020:


                                                     Barbara Dorunda                                           George Frye

                                                    Bob Morgan                                                     Rosemary Woloszyn


Thank you to them for accepting this appointment and to:


Regina Hanlon and Sue Yanchik who are completing their 6 years of service, and

Frank Tielle who is finishing his 3 year term.


In addition, Joe Stanek, one of the people willing to serve, has accepted an appointment to the Parish Finance Council.


The collaborative efforts of all the Parish Council, Finance Council, and all the various ways that people volunteer and support our Parish Life is vital and I am most grateful that so many are willing to offer their service.


We will soon be asking for more help as we prepare to staff the Food Stand during the Solemn Novena in July.



                                                 Mass Intentions for the Ascension  –       May 25, 2017

                                                               Wednesday : 7:00 PM – Michael D. Latrella (Mary Byrne)

                                                                  Thursday :   8:30 AM – Greta Doria (Charles Neushall)

                                                                   12 Noon – Mary & William Dantona (Daughter: Ann)

                                                                                  7:00 PMLoretta Nicholes (3 J’s)


                                            Mass Intentions for next weekend  –       May 27/28, 2017

                                                                         Saturday: 4:00 PM – Jane Popish (Family)

                                           Sunday:   8:30 AM – Leonard & Theresa Nawrocki (Rosemary & Kevin Kelly)

                                                               11:00 AM – James Vinciguerra Jr. (Father: James Sr.)

                                                                 7:00 PMParishioners of St. Ann Basilica Parish


Born To Eternal Life

 May they rest in the peace of the risen Christ                           Helen Gingher     Eileen Holman

           and may comfort be granted to their families                              Mary Ann Cerminaro


***  Vocations to the Passionist Order: If anyone is considering becoming a Passionist Priest, please log onto vocations@cpprov.org for more information.